Harbin Normal University

Harbin Normal University

Harbin Normal University has three campuses: one named Jiangnan Campus is in 50 Hexing Street, Nangang District, Harbin ; the second named Songbei Campus is in No.1 Shida South Road, Hulan District;the third named Hulan Campus is in No.12 Shizhuan Road. Apartment for International Students is in Songbei Campus, the accommodation’s  price is approximately 25-45 RMB/Day.

Unnecessary to book in advance.

Rent outside campus is allowed with permission from school.

Offer 24 hours check-in service. You can move in at night in registraton day.

Moving in before semetser begins is not allowed.

Hotel in campus: Yes. The Grand Hotel (Tel:86-451-88077488)

Pay by semester in campus dorm.

Check-in first and then register.

Tuiton fee, accommodation fee and other expenses can be paid only by cash.

A deposit of RMB 200.