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Panda Admission is a professional, reliable, and convenient education service platform for studying abroad in China, with more than 8 years experience of helping International students to apply for Chinese Universities and Scholarships. The headquarter of Panda Admission is located in Licang District, the center of Qingdao City, with convenient transportation, close to the commercial center and universities.

We have built close cooperation relationship with more than 800+ universities in China. And the students who have been admitted successfully through Panda Admission, have spread 800+ universities in 100+ cities in China.

As a professional international education consulting service institute, Panda Admission is committed to the development of international students studying in China, promoting international educational exchanges and cooperation, and promoting Chinese culture to the internationalization.

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Our Stories

Through the Panda Admission Website, you can check the information of 800+ Chinese universities for FREE. When you need consultant service, Panda Admission will dispatch a 1V1 course advisor to guide you with the universities chosen for FREE, also help you make the online applications easily and conveniently.

Except that, Panda Admission will be your first and best friend in China, providing a One-Stand Services package if you need. Including but not limited in 7/24 Airport Pick-up , Accommodation arrangement, ticket booking etc.

  • FREE University Information
  • FREE 1V1 Live Consultant
  • Convenient Application Service
  • Customized Service Package

Our Services

Panda Admission will always accompany you like a friend from the time you start consulting until finishing your studies in Chinese universities. Panda Admission provide more than 25 kinds of diversified services for international students to choose from.
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Our Value
Be Responsible,Be Honest,Focus on Service,Always Advancing

We will help you realize your dream of studying in China, living in China, and looking for an excellent job opportunity after graduation with the most professional consulting service!

Our Team
Over the years, Panda Admission has built a professional and excellent advisor team, aiming to provide students with the most professional consulting services. All of Panda Admission's advisors are good at English communication, with more than three years of consulting experience, which built their sense of service and great enthusiasm for international students.
Our contact information

Tel: +86 15066822096 丨 Email: service@panda-admission.com 丨 WhatsApp: +86 15066822096

Wechat: PandaAdmission 丨 Post Code: 266041

Address: Room 1003, No.2 Building, No.11 Zaoyuan Road, Licang District, Qingdao P.R. China

1.1 on 1 Advisor Consultant

Panda Admission will dispatch a 1V1 personal Course Advisor for each student. Helping students to know more about Chinese universities and life in China. The advisors will also introduce the Panda Admission’s Services to students and give them suggestions on University Choosing and Application Plans.

2.Customized Application Plan

In order to successfully apply to applicant’s dream university, they must have the Best Application Plans. The timing of the submission, the service package chosen, the combination of applied universities, are all essential. Panda Admission will design the most suitable application plans for applicants to ensure the Highest Application Success Rate.

3.Application Chance Evaluation

The inaccurate perception of application opportunities will lead to a waste of time and application fees, so Panda Admission will evaluate the applicant's chances of applying for a certain university/scholarship in advance to Avoid wasting time/money.

4.Standard Application Service

The Standard Application Service is the most affordable and flexible application service. Applicants can choose any university they like and submit their application. Please note that the university may accept the application, also may reject it.

5.Admission Guarantee Service

Admission Guarantee Service is the most reassuring service. With Admission Guarantee Service, you don’t need to worry about your application being rejected. Panda Admission’s Admission Office will give you the most suitable application plan(3-5 universities together), signing agreement to ensure that you’ll get admission to at least one university successfully.

6.Scholarship Application Service

Getting a scholarship to study abroad is the dream of all students. For applicants with excellent grades, Panda Admission will provide them Scholarship Application Service, signing agreement to apply scholarship for them.

7.JW202/JW201 Form Application Service

JW202/JW201 Form is one of the essential documents for applying for a Student Visa in China. Panda Admission will do all the process for students to get the JW202/JW201 form. Applicants do not need to spend any effort on it.

8.PS./CV Writing Guidance Service

Especially applying for Master/Phd. Degree, a good PS./CV. will let universities or professors know more about the applicant’s background and motivation of application. With Panda Admission’s professional guidance, a perfect PS./CV will be done efficiently. The Master/Phd. Degree won’t be difficult any more.

9.Brainstorm-Interview Training Service

Are you afraid of being too nervous during the interview? Are you afraid that the teacher will ask you some questions that you have never considered before? Don't worry, Panda Admission can share with you the interview experience of previous students, arrange mock interviews for you in advance, and ensure that you pass the interview smoothly.

10.Documents Translation Service

Some Chinese universities require students to translate application documents into Chinese, so Panda Admission can help you with Chinese-English translation.

11.Original Admission&JW202 Posting Service

After the universities issue the original Admission letter and JW202 form, Panda Admission can help the applicant arrange international couriers such as DHL to send your documents to the applicant's country. Application will need to take the original documents to apply visa in Chinese embassy.

12.Visa Application Guidance

Applying for a visa is the most important step to study in China. Without a visa, all efforts will be in vain. So Panda Admission will guide student to prepare all the required documents when applying for visa, to make sure the applicant won’t be refused because the wrong operation of paper work.

13.Pre-departure Training Service

After getting the visa, what do I need to prepare before coming to China? Should I bring some thick clothes or thin clothes? How can I take a taxi to go to school after coming to China? Can my mobile phone card still be used in China? How to exchange RMB? How can I get resident permit in China? Panda Admission Pre-departure Training will answer all your questions!

14.Plane Ticket Booking Service

Panda Admission has long-term cooperation with airlines Enterprise, which can help students book tickets with more favorable prices.

15.Airport Pick Up Service

Panda Admission's service team will arrange 7/24 pick-up service for students at the destination airport/station in China, and send students directly to the school from the airport to ensure safe arrival.

16.Accommodation Booking/Arrangement Service

Some universities have limited dormitory seats, so they need to apply to the school for dormitory reservation in advance. Panda Admission can help students book dormitory or arrange off-campus accommodation in advance to ensure that students can live in the dormitory on the day they arrive in China.

17.Police Registration Accompany Service

Within 24 hours after students arrive in the city where the school is located, they need to register with the local police station. The Panda Admission team will accompany the students to complete the police station registration, to avoid some unnecessary legal risk.

18.Campus Registration Accompany Service

After arriving at the school, students will need to find the office of the International College and go through the registration procedures according to the instructions of the school. Panda Admission's service team will accompany students and teachers to communicate and ensure that campus registration does not get lost.

19.Medical Check Accompany Service

After students come to China, they need to have another medical examination in a Chinese hospital. Since most of the doctors in the hospital do not speak English, students will need Panda Admission's service team to accompany them to ensure the smooth progress of the physical examination.

20.Bank Card/SIM Card processing Accompany Service

After students arrive in China, they will need to apply for a local bank card and mobile phone SIM card to pay tuition and other expenses, and communicate with teachers, classmates, and family members in real time. Panda Admission's service team will accompany students to apply for these cards correctly, making students' life in China smoother and easier.

21.Daily necessities(including quilt, mattress, pillow, Quilt Covers and Sheets, basin, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothbrushing cup, towel, shampoo, shower gel, slippers, water cup, notebook, pen)

In order to reduce the luggage burden for students, Panda Admission can prepare daily necessities packages for students, so that students can start living and studying immediately upon arrival. Save valuable time and energy for students. The package including: quilt, mattress, pillow, Quilt Covers and Sheets, basin, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothbrushing cup, towel, shampoo, shower gel, slippers, water cup, notebook, pen etc..

22.22.Chinese Course/Assignment Guidance Service

Most Chinese universities require students to learn Chinese as a compulsory course. Since many students are learning Chinese for the first time, they will inevitably find it difficult to do homework and take exams. Panda Admission can arrange experienced Chinese teachers to help students learn and provide homework/test guidance, so that students can pass the Chinese test smoothly.