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Study in China Experience of Egyptian Student


Nationality: Egyptian

Hi everyone, my name is Osama, I'm an Egyptian got a full scholarhsip from Panda Admission Office at China University of Petroleum in Qingdao. Actually I have always dream to take my university in China. Panda Advisor is very helpful for me, her name is Caroline, she provided me a lot of universities of what I want. I don't remember I ask her any questions and didn't get a suitable answer. Finally, I'm ready to get into this challenge and experience!


Study in China Experience of Madagascar Girls


Nationality: Pakistani

Hello,hello.I’m Jennifer.I’m Kathri and we are happy to come here.Because we are friendly in China.Asking me my first impression of China was totally amazing the people were amazing,very helpful.Everyone was cheerful,really they were happiness and ...So everything was good!


Testimonial from Pakistani Student


Nationality: Pakistani

Hello,this is Melao of Pakistan. I am studying Chinese languages here in China,and my admission it was done by Panda admission they are really good at it and my case it was handled by Anna.She is a tall professional she handled my case beautifully and she helped me a lot from the stage to the last stage.She helped me a lot to gather all the data in my visa process in my schools Admission and each and everything and I will recommend.If so they can go to Panda admission and they are really good at what they are doing.And the services they are also really good and Anna thank you so much for your help thank you.


Testimonial from Cameroon Student


Nationality: Cameroon

Here we are.Panda admission! My name is the Gang Kuno Elvis Jr from Cameroon and I was an applicant for scholarship in China,apply through Panda admission It was not a easy for me to get a scholarship. I didn’t have the best grades it was not easy.But panda admission assured me they will get a scholarship for and guess what they got the scholarship for me in the best that is the Captial City Beijing and in one of the best universities.I’d like to thank you Panda Admission,a thank Kaoka and Ms.Tang and thank Panda once again.I’m happy in China I just arrived.I’m still go to see they and it’s a great and amazing place.My advice get to Panda for your admission and for your scholarship in China.Love you and looking forward to this great place.


Testimonial from Ghanian Student


Nationality: Ghana

Hello,I’m from Ghana Africa, my name is Joseph, I'm not schooling ini Wenzhou University. I applied to this university through Panda Admission. I got a full university scholarship. And my advisor who helped me is Ms.Kaoka. I'm very happy that I've got this admission and scholarship all together. So Panda Admission system they are very professional for you to be able to get what you want. So I'm very happy that I got this. I appeal to all international students to apply through Panda Admission. I'm new in China, I don't have friends, I don't know the language. But they are my friends when I need anything, when I want anything. They will be there for me. So they are very convenient, they are very reliable, friendly to me. And I know that every international students is gonna love Panda Admission. Bye bye!


Testimonial from Indian Student


Nationality: Indian

Hello,I’m Kumar from India.I’m pursuing my education at Fujian Medical University. Currently I’m doing my 6th year at this internship in Fujian province.I came here to China with the help of Panda Admission Caroline.I will share my experience from the day I reached China into the university.It all started with the online mode of communications.The team will respond you ASAP,they will explain you each and every process clearly and the packages.They are help the steps I have gone through.Initially they gave me the list of colleges I was eligible to study in followed by the process of admissions.I received my admission letter on the JW202 form with which I was able to gain the steady visa to China easily.They was in constant contact with me throughout my study period.I will take this opportunity to thank Mrs Caroline and her team.Thank you Panda admission.

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