Harbin Normal University

Harbin Normal University

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  • Location:

    Harbin, Heilongjiang

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    4,960,000 square meters

Why choose Harbin Normal University ?
Harbin Normal University (HRBNU) was founded in 1951. It is a comprehensive teaching and research university with a long tradition as an institution of higher education. It is the center of teacher training, higher teacher education, higher education in arts, educational science and research in Heilongjiang Province. The university covers 495.98 hectares, and the total value of fixed assets reaches 24.35 billion RMB. The library has a collection of 3.81 million books. There are 3,500 faculty members, with the total enrollment of 42,000 students. The university has 26 colleges, 106 specialized disciplines, 2 mobile centers for post-doctorate research, 10 state-level subjects, 31 doctorate degrees, 114 master degrees and 58 bachelor degrees. HRBNU has developed academic exchange programs and intercollegiate relationships with over 40 universities and institutions around the world. The university has successfully founded three Confucius Institutes in Great Britain, Russian and Korea. HRBNU aims to constantly bring the education level of international students to a higher standard and broaden the field of education. The university will strive to train qualified people who can adapt to the globalization trend with an international perspective. The university is located in Harbin City, which has become the international students’ best option for its perfect language environment of standard Mandarin Chinese. Harbin has successfully hosted the World University Winter Games in 2009. This event consolidates the center stage of winter sport as well as the ice and snow culture. Harbin is well-known for the summer resort, the various culture and art festivals attract numerous domestic and foreign tourists. HRBNU is the Center of Teacher Training on Chinese International Promotion and a training & dispatch base of Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers. Every year, plenty of advanced and general training programs are offered to Chinese Language Teachers and Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers. HRBNU is also a testing center of Mandarin Chinese and HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) Test. HSK Test is offered to people other than Chinese once every month. The booming development has made HRBNU the first choice for international students. The university hosts students who are the successful applicants of Chinese Government Scholarship or Confucius Institute Scholarship. These indicate that HRBNU is playing the leading role in the field of Chinese language education in Heilongjiang Province.
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