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VIP Service Package
Date:2016/7/13 上午12:00:00

Most of the students are coming to China for the first time, and there are many applicants who do not speak Chinese. Therefore, arriving at school safely is something that all parents are concerned about. Therefore, Panda Admission team can provide flexible service packages for our VIP students to choose from, help them arrive in China safely, and easily complete a series of school registration processes.

●P.S./CV Writing Guidance Service

●Brainstorm-Interview Training Service

●Documents Translation Service

●Original Admission&JW202 Posting Service

●Visa Application Guidance

●Pre-departure Training Service

●Plane Ticket Booking Service

●Airport Pick Up Service

●Accommodation Booking/Arrengment Service

●Police Registration Accompany Service

●Campus Registration Accompany Service

●Medical Check Accompany Service

●Bank Card/SIM Card processing Accompany Service

●Daily necessities(including quilt, mattress, pillow, Quilt Covers and Sheets, basin, toothbrush, toothpaste, toothbrushing cup, towel, shampoo, shower gel, slippers, water cup, notebook, pen)

●Chinese Course/Assignment Guidance Service