Northwest Normal University

Northwest Normal University

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    Lanzhou, GanSu

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Why choose Northwest Normal University ?
Located in Lanzhou, Gansu, Northwest Normal University is the key university jointly built by the People's government of Gansu province and the Ministry of Education. It is also one of the 14 state-supported universities in western China. At present, the University has 6 postdoctoral research centers for Pedagogy, Chemistry, Chinese Language and Literature, Histology, Mathematics, Physics, Geography; 7 first-grade disciplines (Pedagogy, Chemistry, Chinese Language and Literature, Histology, Mathematics, Physics, Geography), 50 second-grade disciplines and 1 specialty with Doctorate granting authority; 32 first-grade disciplines,157 second-grade disciplines and 11 specialties with master’s degree granting authority, 66 Bachelor programs. The University also boasts a strong scientific research capability. In recent years, the SCIE-included research papers concerning the basic theory of natural sciences continuously ranked within the top 10 among the national normal universities. The social sciences boast several distinctive and superior disciplines such as Western History and Geography, Ethnic Education, Curriculum and Teaching Theories, Ancient Books Systematization and Dunhuang Studies. The University has conducted international exchanges and cooperative studies extensively, established cooperative relationships with more than 120 universities, established research institutes and international organizations in more than 40 countries and China Taiwan province as well as Hong Kong Administrative Region, and held more than 50 large-scale international academic conferences and educated more than 1,100 international students. Presently, NWNU has established the Confucius institute in Sudan Khartoum University and Free International University of Moldova respectively. As early as 1982, NWNU commenced to accept international students as one of the first group of northwest universities validated by government to enroll international students. In 2008, it has been brought into the independent enrollment list of Chinese government scholarship. In 2009, it has also been affirmed to recruit international students with scholarship granted by Confucius Institute Headquarters. At present there were more than 170 international students from 17 countries at NWNU.
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