Renmin University of China

Renmin University of China

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    Beijing, Beijing

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    696,462 square meters

Why choose Renmin University of China ?
Renmin University of China (RUC) is a comprehensive research university focusing on humanities and social sciences. Its predecessor is Shanbei Public School founded in 1937 during the anti-Japanese War, and later developed to the North China Union University and North China University. It was officially established on October 3, 1950, and was named Renmin University of China. It therefore became the first university that was established by the new Chinese government. RUC has made countless contributions to the development of the society. It was named the China’s flagship for social sciences and humanities education. RUC is one of the “211” and “985” Project universities. Till 2014, there are full-time students 25310 in Renmin University of China. Among full-time students, there are 11774 undergraduate students, 8181 graduate students, Ph.D students 3474, and international students 1630. Besides, the university has part-time graduate students 2657, adult higher educating students 6691 and on-line educating students 56001. RUC consists of 26 schools, 14 interdisciplinary research institutes. Besides, RUC also has School of Physics, School of Continuing Education, School of Education & Training. It has a satellite campus in Suzhou and a Research Institution in Shenzhen. The Library of Renmin University of China was established in 1950. It consists of two buildings with area of 56,000 square meters. The Library holds 3.9 million volumes and more than 300 databases. The RUC Press was established in 1955. It is the important base for publishing the text books for the Liberal Arts in higher education and other academic publications and research journals in humanities and social sciences in higher education.
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