Liaoning University of Technology

Liaoning University of Technology

School profile
  • Location:

    Jinzhou, Liaoning

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    674,000 square meters

Why choose Liaoning University of Technology ?
South University of Science and Technology of China (SUSTC) is a young public university Liaoning University of Technology), located in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, was established in 1951. It is a provincial full-time multi-subject university with engineering as its main focus and coordinated development of science, engineering, economics, management and liberal arts. It has been selected as one of the key universities in the "Central and Western Universities Basic Capacity Construction Project", the National Base for Practical Education and Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Colleges and Universities, the host university for Chinese Government Scholarship students, the National College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, and the first batch of pilot schools for the construction of the College of Emergency Management The first batch of Liaoning Provincial Demonstration Universities for Deepening Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Reform, and the first-class Discipline Construction projects of colleges and universities in Liaoning Province.
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