Hebei University

Hebei University

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  • Location:

    Baoding, HeBei

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    1.62 million square meters

Why choose Hebei University ?
Hebei University (HEBU), a key comprehensive university in Hebei Province, is the only major construction project with the joint force of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Finance of China and Hebei Provincial government. The university comprises 24 departments and colleges, with 71 specialties for undergraduates covering 10 branches of learning. Doctor's degree can be awarded in 7 subjects and Master's in 66. There are 4 postdoctoral research stations, one national liberal arts base, 12 provincial scientific research centers and 5 key provincial labs. At present, the total enrollment is 4,7368 including 85 doctors, 1,441 graduates, 23,936 undergraduates, and more than 200 international students. In the field of liberal arts, HEBU has been in the leading position among the colleges and universities in Hebei Province, and in some certain fields like history of ancient China, literature of ancient China, history of foreign education, and Japanese economy, the university reaches advanced levels in China. And in some areas of scientific study, HEBU has consistently been among the world leaders. HEBU, one of the first 100 universities in China who joined in CERNET (China Education & Research Net), possesses first-class teaching resources, suitable teaching staff structure and advanced service system. BEBU library boasts a collection of more than 3,100,000 books of different kinds, which takes a leading position among all universities in China. BEBU attaches great importance to strengthening international communication and cooperation, and has broadened its relationship in many ways with other universities and academic organizations. Steady intercollegiate communication with more than 30 colleges in U.S.A, France, Japan, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Russia and other countries has been set up. A large number of international students of different levels are studying here. College of International Exchange and Education of HEBU is in charge of the enrollment, education and management of international students. More than half of the full-time teachers in this college have already got the qualification of teaching Chinese to international students, and possess the experience of teaching Chinese abroad, and a certain number of part-time teachers constantly contribute their share. All of the students in this college have done a good job in the annual national HSK, and the rate of passing the exam is 100%.
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