Beijing Dance Academy

Beijing Dance Academy

School profile
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    Beijing, Beijing

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  • Extent:

    56882 square meters

Why choose Beijing Dance Academy ?
In September 2004, the school successfully held an international dance education development forum attended by more than 30 experts and scholars from more than 20 countries. In August 2010, the School and Peking University co-hosted the 18th World Aesthetic Congress, which was attended by 800 scholars from more than 60 countries. In June 2012, the world's first Confucius Institute for Dance and Performance, jointly built by the University of London and Goldsmiths College, was officially established in the United Kingdom with the authorization of Hanban. From 2006 to 2012, the school held four biennial "Beijing International Dance Academy Ballet Invitation Tournament". From 2009 to 2013, the university cooperated with Taipei University of the Arts and Middlesex University in the United Kingdom to hold four consecutive "cross-art-dance without boundaries" projects.
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