Peking University

Peking University

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    Beijing, Beijing

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    3,390,000 square meters

Why choose Peking University ?
Founded in 1898, Peking University, originally known as Beijing Normal University, was the first national comprehensive university in China and the highest educational administrative institution in China at that time. After the Xinhai Revolution, it was changed to its current name in 1912. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, colleges and universities across the country were reorganized in 1952, and Peking University became a comprehensive university focusing on basic teaching and research in the arts and sciences, cultivating a large number of talents for the country. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 400 academicians of Peking University alumni and faculty, and quite a large number of influential people in Chinese cultural and social science circles are also from Peking University. On April 3, 2000, Peking University merged with the former Beijing Medical University to form the new Peking University. The predecessor of Beijing Medical University was the National Beijing Medical College, founded on October 26, 1912. In the thirties and forties of the 20th century, the school was once called the School of Medicine of Peking University, and was merged into Peking University in July 1946. In 1952, in the adjustment of the faculties of colleges and universities nationwide, Peking University School of Medicine was separated from Peking University and became independent as Beijing Medical College. In 1985, it was renamed Beijing Medical University, and in 1996, it became one of the first medical universities supported by the "211 Project" of the country. The merger of the two universities has further broadened the discipline structure of Peking University, laid the foundation for promoting the integration of medicine with humanities, social sciences and sciences, and reforming medical education.
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