Binzhou medical university

Binzhou medical university

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    Binzhou, Shandong

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Why choose Binzhou medical university ?
Binzhou Medical College, jointly established by the Binzhou Municipal People's Government and the Shandong Provincial Department of Education, is a provincial general higher medical school in Shandong Province and a famous school for cultivating applied talents in Shandong Province. The school's predecessor was the former National Shandong University Medical College founded in 1946. In March 1956, it was independently established as Qingdao Medical College. In October 1970, it was moved to Beizhen, where the Huimin District Administrative Office of Shandong Province is located. It was established in November 1974. Qingdao Medical College Beizhen Branch was renamed Beizhen Medical College in September 1981. In March 1983, it was renamed Binzhou Medical College along with the location. In 2002, the Yantai campus was put into use. In 2017, it became a provincial-level doctoral project construction unit in Shandong Province. As of April 2023, Binzhou Medical College has two campuses, Binzhou and Yantai, covering an area of 1,718.17 acres and a total construction area of 900,000 square meters; state-owned assets are 1.74 billion yuan, and the total value of teaching and scientific research instruments and equipment is 470 million yuan; it has 16 The college (department) has 35 undergraduate majors; 7 first-level master's degree-authorized disciplines and 9 master's professional degree authorization points; 11,350 teaching and medical staff (including 5 directly affiliated hospitals); and full-time students. There are 17,793 people, including 15,538 undergraduates, 1,919 master’s students, and 336 international students.
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