He University

He University

School profile
  • Location:

    Shenyang, Liaoning

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    529220 square meters

Why choose He University ?
He University, opened in 1999, is one of the modern and well-endowed universities authorized by the Ministry of Education of China to offer Undergraduate programs, Masters and also Doctoral (PhD) programs. It is situated within the Shenyang Mt. Qipan Scenery and Tourism Development Zone as the only Institution in the Nation founded by Repatriated Medical Doctors. The key motto of He University is to “Pursue your Dreams, Be Grateful, Crave for Knowledge, Practise, Gain Results” and practically insists on the mission of “All for the Student”, developing on the existing advantage of “medicine, education, production, learning, and research integration”, to eventually cultivate proud students with aesthetic sense, individuality, and liberal spirit that rejuvenates the nation. The University focuses on the practical ability and enterprising experience being imparted into their students. The students of He University have the opportunities to practice in the hospitals, vision centers, R&D base and other related companies rotationally during their college years to obtain the necessary skills and experience before they step into the society.
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