Hunan Agricultural University

Hunan Agricultural University

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    Changsha, HuNan

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Why choose Hunan Agricultural University ?
Hunan Agricultural University (Hunan Agricultural University), referred to as "Hunan Agricultural University", is located in Changsha City, Hunan Province. The first batch of pilot units for the construction of the New Rural Development Research Institute, the first batch of pilot universities for the National Excellent Agricultural and Forestry Talents Education and Training Project, the national "Midwestern Universities Basic Capacity Building Project" selected universities, the national "Special Key Discipline Project" construction universities, and the national construction high school Universities implementing the public postgraduate project of the level university, the "Double First-Class" Class A construction university in Hunan Province, and the university with the qualification for postgraduate promotion and exemption. Hunan Agricultural University started as a private Xiuye school founded on October 8, 1903, and has gone through stages such as Hunan Private Xiuye Advanced Agricultural Vocational School, Hunan Provincial Xiuye Agriculture and Forestry College, and Hunan Agricultural College. In March 1951, Hunan Provincial Xiuye Agriculture and Forestry College merged with the Agricultural College of Hunan University to form Hunan Agricultural College; in November of the same year, Chairman Mao Zedong personally inscribed the name of the school. In 1978, it began to recruit postgraduate students. In 1987 began to recruit doctoral candidates. In March 1994, it was renamed Hunan Agricultural University. As of May 2023, the school covers an area of 235 hectares (approximately 3,525 acres), with a construction area of 1.04 million square meters, total fixed assets excluding land of 1.8 billion yuan, and teaching and research equipment of 330 million yuan; it has 22 colleges , 1 independent college, graduate school and continuing education college; 79 undergraduate majors; 10 post-doctoral research stations, 11 first-level disciplines authorized for doctoral degrees, 23 first-level disciplines authorized for master’s degrees, and professional degree authorization categories for master’s degrees 14; there are 2,631 faculty members, 33,522 regular full-time undergraduates (including 5,387 independent colleges), and 6,409 postgraduates
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