Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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    Shanghai, Shanghai

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Why choose Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ?
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine) is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, a high-level university focused on construction in Shanghai, a national "double first-class" construction university, [106] a world-class university of traditional Chinese medicine A founding member of the Construction Alliance and the Yangtze River Delta Medical Education Alliance, a pilot unit for the construction of high-level local universities in Shanghai, the first batch of World Health Organization Traditional Medicine Cooperation Centers, and the seat of the Secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization Traditional Chinese Medicine Standards Technical Committee; selected into the national "111 Plan", Excellent doctor (Chinese medicine) education and training plan, national construction of high-level university public postgraduate project, national "characteristic key discipline project", national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training plan, new engineering research and practice project, Ministry of Education talent training model innovation experimental area, It is a national science basic research and teaching talent training base, a national college student cultural quality education base, a Chinese government scholarship receiving institution for international students in China, and the first batch of demonstration universities in Shanghai to deepen innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. The school is jointly operated with the Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Founded in 1956, the school is one of the first Chinese medicine colleges and universities established by the country after the founding of New China. In the results of the fourth round of national discipline evaluation, the three first-level disciplines of traditional Chinese medicine, integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, and Chinese pharmacy ranked first in the country, and all achieved excellent results of A+. It is the only university in the country that has achieved 3 A+. According to the school’s official website in April 2023, the school covers an area of more than 500 acres; it has 15 secondary colleges, 3 first-level disciplines and 1 professional degree category (field) doctorate authorization point, 7 first-level disciplines, 3 second-level disciplines and 6 professional degree categories (fields) master degree authorization points, 3 post-doctoral mobile stations. There are 18 undergraduate majors and 7 continuing education undergraduate majors; there are nearly 8,000 full-time students and more than 1,300 faculty members.
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