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Shandong Agricultural University

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Shandong Agricultural University (Shandong Agricultural University), located in Tai'an City, Shandong Province, is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People's Republic of China, the State Forestry and Grassland Bureau and the People's Government of Shandong Province. Selected into the national "characteristic key discipline project", the national construction high-level university public postgraduate project, the national innovation and entrepreneurship typical experience university, Shandong characteristic famous school project, Shandong province "first-class discipline" construction project, Shandong high-level university "first-class" construction university , is the first batch of national colleges and universities to practice education, innovation and entrepreneurship bases, and the first national civilized campus. It is a university with agricultural science as its advantage and life science as its characteristic. It integrates agriculture, science, engineering, management, economics, literature, law, and art. multidisciplinary university. Among them, the discipline of agriculture and forestry ranks among the top 200 in the QS World University Rankings. The predecessor of the school was the Shandong Higher Agricultural School founded in Jinan in 1906. After several changes, in 1952, through the adjustment of colleges and departments across the country, Shandong Provincial Agricultural College merged with the then Agricultural College of Shandong University, and at the same time transferred to the Agricultural College of Qilu University, the Department of Horticulture of Jinling University, and the Fruit Tree Group of the Department of Horticulture of Nanjing University to form a new one. Shandong Agricultural University, located in Jinan. It moved from Jinan to Tai'an in 1958, and changed its name to Shandong Agricultural University in 1983. In July 1999, the former Shandong Agricultural University and Shandong Water Conservancy College were merged, and at the same time, Shandong Forestry School was merged to form a new Shandong Agricultural University. The postgraduate education of the school began in 1954. In 1981, it became the first batch of master's degree authorization units in the country. In 1986, it began to recruit doctoral students. As of February 2023, the school campus covers an area of 5,340.13 acres, with a construction area of 1,181,300 square meters; it has 21 colleges and 90 undergraduate majors; there are 34,546 students, including 28,967 undergraduates, and 5,579 doctoral and master students. There are 23,925 continuing education students and 2,531 faculty members.
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