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Shandong Normal University

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Why choose Shandong Normal University ?
Shandong Normal University (SDNU) is located in the historical and cultural city Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province. Based on Qilu culture and humanity of Spring city, it adheres to a school spirit of “Respect for the virtuous, Strive for success” and a motto of “Uphold morality, fortify your dream, pursue knowledge, and then put them into practice”. Through consciously inheriting and innovating Qilu culture, and making efforts to highlight Teacher’s Educating Feature, the University has developed into a comprehensive and advanced normal university and gained excellent social reputation with various subjects and majors, complete degree system, abundant teaching talents during the past 66 years. SDNU has two campuses in Lixia District and Changqing District which cover a land area of about 267 hectares and a building area of 1,360,000 square meters. It has established 43 research and training institutions in national and above provincial and ministerial level, including 1 National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center, 1 National Experimental Demonstration Teaching Center, 1 Key Lab of Ministry of Education (MOE), 1 MOE Engineering Research Center, 6 Provincial Key Laboratories, 8 Provincial Key University Laboratories for the 12th 5-year plan, 7 Provincial Experimental Demonstration Teaching Centers, 2 Provincial Collaborative Innovation Centers for Higher Education and so on. The library has a collection of 4,331,330 volumes of books and periodicals as well as 60 TB electronic resources. SDNU contains 25 schools, 84 undergraduate programs, 9 post-doctoral research stations, 10 First-Level Disciplines for Doctorate Degree Granting, 29 First-Level Disciplines for Master’s Degree Granting, 15 Types of Professional Degree Authorization, covering the top ten subjects and disciplines. The amount of subjects and disciplines ranks the top of all provincial colleges and universities. Two disciplines named Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature and Principles of Education are national key ones; 4 disciplines ranks at the top of project-oriented construction; 3 key specialties are approved as high-level application-oriented construction of Shandong Province;1 discipline is taken into the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database, ranking top 1%. In the third national discipline assessment (2012), SDNU got the best grade in provincial university in which 18 disciplines were put into evaluation, among which11 disciplines were at the top 50%. At present, there are 36,456 full-time students, including 5,309 graduate students, 211 overseas students, and 19,390 adult education students.
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