Henan Agricultural University

Henan Agricultural University

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    Zhengzhou, Henan

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  • Extent:

    2.8135 million square meters

Why choose Henan Agricultural University ?
Henan Agricultural University is one of the earliest universities in Henan Province to carry out Chinese-Foreign Cooperative Education Program for undergraduates. The International Education College (IEC), founded in January 2005, is responsible for the application and implementation of the exchange programs, the training and management of the students involved as well as the teaching and administration of foreign students. IEC consists of Party and Administration (teaching) office, Youth League Committee, Training Center of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Italian Testing Center of CILS, etc. IEC now has four Chinese-foreign Cooperative Education Programs for undergraduates approved by the Ministry of Education. Supported by the school’s superior subjects, all the programs have made full use of foreign high-quality educational resources and introduce advanced educational concepts, curriculum systems, teaching methods and management experience. Besides, foreign original textbooks and teachers are also introduced to proactively improve students' comprehensive quality and innovative ability. The goal of IEC is to be in line with international education and cultivate international and interdisciplinary talents with "excellent morals, proficient in a foreign language, high professional competence and strong ability". The college currently has more than 1,300 students and has cultivated more than 5,200 graduates. Every year, about 30% of the graduates obtain master's degree from prominent universities at home and abroad to continue their studies. While the remaining graduates get employment in government agencies, enterprises and public institutions related to their majors or choose to start their own businesses.
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