Shanghai Dianji University

Shanghai Dianji University

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Why choose Shanghai Dianji University ?
Shanghai Dianji University (SDJU), whose history dates back to 1953, is a public institution of higher learning, with its orientation towards advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, taking engineering as its dominant and coordinately developing other disciplines of economics, management, literature, art and science. SDJU has two campuses, Lingang and Minhang, with the total area of nearly 200 acres, and more than 13,000 full-time post-graduate, undergraduate and junior college students. Its postgraduate programs started in 2011 and was listed by the Academic Degrees Committee of China’s State Council (ADCCSC) as a pilot unit for post-graduate students of professional-degrees, with the aim of “training talents for meeting nation-wide special needs”. Ratified and approved by the ADCCSC as an educational institution granting master's degrees in 2020, SDJU now has five postgraduate programs, namely, energy power, international business, electronic information, machinery, materials and chemical industry. There are thirty-nine undergraduate programs, eight junior college programs, including one first-class state-level undergraduate program, two programs with distinctive nation-wide features, three programs of “excellent engineer education” authorized by the Education Ministry, ten first-class local undergraduate programs, eleven application-oriented undergraduate pilot programs, one model program of all-English teaching, and three programs have passed the certification of engineering education. In addition, there are two state-level education centers for engineering internship. SDJU is among the first nation-wide CDIO pilot universities and the first model universities in Shanghai to further the educational reform for innovation and entrepreneurship.
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