Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

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Why choose Zhejiang Sci-Tech University ?
Zhejiang Sci-Tech University (Zhejiang Sci-Tech University), referred to as "Zhejiang Sci-Tech University", is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The developed provincial key construction university is a member of the Yangtze River Delta High-level Industry Characteristic University Alliance, selected as the "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program" of the Ministry of Education, the receiving institution for foreign students coming to China with the Chinese Government Scholarship, the National University Practice Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base, and the National International science and technology cooperation base, national college student innovation and entrepreneurship training program, national new engineering research and practice project, Zhejiang academician expert workstation, has the qualifications to recommend outstanding fresh graduates to study for a master's degree without examination. The history of the school can be traced back to the Zhejiang Sericulture Academy founded by Lin Qi, the prefect of Hangzhou, in 1897 to save the country through industry and education. It is one of the earliest new education institutions in China. In 1908, it was upgraded to Zhejiang Higher Sericulture School by the Qing government. From the Revolution of 1911 to the eve of liberation, the school changed its name several times and insisted on running the school. It began to recruit undergraduate students in 1959, and was named Zhejiang Silk Institute of Technology by the State Council in 1964. It began to recruit postgraduate students in 1979, and was granted the right to confer master's degrees in 1983. In 1999, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school was renamed Zhejiang Institute of Technology. In 2004, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the school was renamed Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. In 2006, it obtained the right to award doctoral degrees. As of March 2023, it covers an area of more than 2,100 acres, of which the Xiasha campus covers an area of 1,500 acres; it has 18 colleges (teaching and research departments), 1 independent college, and 58 undergraduate enrollment majors; it has a first-level doctoral degree authorization There are 6 disciplines, 25 first-level disciplines authorized for master's degree, 17 types of professional degrees, and 3 post-doctoral research stations; there are more than 35,600 full-time students (including independent colleges), including 7,860 postgraduates; 2,560 faculty members .
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