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Shanxi University

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    Taiyuan, Shanxi

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Why choose Shanxi University ?
Shanxi University, located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, is one of the institutions of higher learning with the longest history of running schools in China. It is a national "Double First-Class" construction university, a "ministerial-provincial joint university" jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Shanxi Provincial People's Government. , a key construction university in Shanxi Province, is the "Comprehensive Strength Improvement Project of Universities in the Midwest", "Basic Ability Construction Project of Universities in the Midwest", the 2.0 Base of the Ministry of Education's Basic Discipline Top-notch Student Training Program, the "111" Discipline Innovation Talent Introduction Base, and the Talent Plan , National construction of high-level university public postgraduate projects, national innovation and entrepreneurship typical experience universities, national science basic scientific research and teaching talent training base, Ministry of Education demonstration base for studying in China, national college student cultural quality education base, and Chinese excellent traditional culture inheritance base. Excellent legal talent education and training plan, deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration universities, and colleges and universities' scientific and technological achievements transformation and technology transfer base. It is a member of the "One Province, One School" National Key Construction University (Z14) Alliance in the Midwest, the Nine Local Comprehensive University Collaboration Associations, the East and West China University Course Sharing Alliance, and the Yellow River Basin University Alliance. The predecessor of the school was Shanxi University Hall founded on May 8, 1902. It was renamed Shanxi University in 1912, determined as National Shanxi University in 1918, changed its name to Shanxi University in 1931, changed its name to Shanxi Teachers College in 1953, and restored the name of Shanxi University in 1959. . According to the information on the school’s official website in May 2023, the school has three campuses: Wucheng, Dongshan, and Dadongguan, with a total area of 3,008 acres and a construction area of 1,166,400 square meters; there are 19 first-level discipline doctorate authorization points, 35 There are 24,155 full-time undergraduates, 7,366 full-time postgraduates, 1,550 part-time postgraduates, and 977 full-time doctoral students. , with 87 undergraduate majors
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