Anhui Normal University

Anhui Normal University

School profile
  • Location:

    Wuhu, Anhui

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    2,000,333 square meters

Why choose Anhui Normal University ?
Founded in 1928, Anhui Normal University is a provincial governed key normal university and a comprehensive university with full support granted by the provincial government. The university is one of the earliest batched institutions of higher education appointed by the State to receive Chinese government scholarship international students, and one of the first national educational bases of Chinese language and culture for foreign students and the promotion base of international Chinese. Besides, it has been honored as one of “ the Ten Most Beautiful Chinese Universities”. Anhui Normal University is located in Wuhu, the second largest city in Anhui Province with picturesque scenery, mild climate, advanced economy, stable society, convenient transportation and comfortable living circumstances, which makes it one of the twenty cities enjoying the most popularity among the foreigners.Built against the hill called Zheshan and faced Jinghu Lake, the university lies at the low reaches of the Yangtze river, with Nanjing and Shanghai in its east and Jiu Hua Mountain and Yellow Mountain in its south.The distance from it to the airport is just one-hour drive. The university has 18 colleges, 33 doctoral programs, 127 post graduated programs,75 undergraduate programs.So far,there are over 3000 teaching staffs , 30000 students as well as nearly 200 overseas undergraduates, post graduates and Chinese refreshers. Its Chinese major has a doctoral program and a center for post-doctoral studies while the TCAFL major has the authority to award the bachelor's degree and the master's degree.
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