China University of Petroleum, Beijing

China University of Petroleum, Beijing

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    Beijing, Beijing

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    7000 mu

Why choose China University of Petroleum, Beijing ?
China University of Petroleum, Beijing has been training international students since 1994. Aiming at cultivating professionals with an international horizon and strong competence, the university has paid effort and made great achievements in improving the quality of education as well as expanding the enrollment of the students in these years. The College of International Education was officially established in 2017 in order to better promote the education for international students as well as international communication and exchange. It takes overall responsibility for the promotion of international education and admission and administration for international students. Our History China University of Petroleum (CUP) was founded in 1953, nominated as one of the key national universities in 1960, and is a '211' national university under the administration of the Ministry of Education. As a first-tier national university of China, the mission of CUP is to prepare qualified engineers and offer great technical service for the global oil industry through its high quality education and excellent research. CUP is in a leading position in the petroleum and petrochemical disciplines in China. According to the ESI statistics by May 2020, CUP ranked within the top 1% in ESI in the world for 5 disciplines: Chemistry, Engineering, Material Science, Geosciences and Computer Science, with the Engineering discipline getting into top 1‰ in ESI globally. Based on the petroleum industrial structure, CUP has established a discipline structure featuring: preponderant disciplines of Oil & Gas Engineering, Geological Resources & Geological Engineering, supporting disciplines of Chemistry, Material Science and Engineering, newly emerging interdisciplinary of Unconventional Oil & Gas, New Energy, and Offshore Oil & Gas Engineering. CUP attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation. Through the strategy of internationalization, it has been promoting international exchanges and cooperation thereby increasing its global influence in higher education. It has maintained a large network of academic and industrial relationships with over 170 universities and enterprises abroad. And it has set up 13 international joint institutes with world-famous universities and enterprises; further more, it has established a Confucius Institute collaborating with San Francisco University in Quito, Ecuador. In 2018, CUP initiated Worldwide Energy University Network (WEUN) which now has 31 member universities from 17 countries such as China, USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, etc. Responding to the Belt and Road Initiative, it has established cooperative links with over 60 universities and institutions from countries along the Belt and Road. It was selected to join the Belt and Road scholarship program of Beijing for international students and the Belt and Road national talent training base program of Beijing in 2017. It was approved to join the Chinese Government Scholarship-Silk Road Scholarship Program in the same year and the Chinese Government Scholarship-China-Africa Friendship Program and China-Africa Friendship General Scholar Program in 2019.
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