East China Normal University

East China Normal University

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  • Location:

    Shanghai, Shanghai

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    2070000 square metre

Why choose East China Normal University ?
East China Normal University (East China Normal University), referred to as "East China Normal University", is located in Shanghai and is directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It is a comprehensive research-oriented national key university jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai Municipal People's Government; Listed in the national "Double First-Class", "985 Project", "211 Project", selected into the "Strong Foundation Program", "2011 Program", "111 Program", "National Training Program", Basic Discipline Top Student Training Program 2.0, National University Students Innovative Experimental Program, National University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program, National High-Level University Public Postgraduate Program, Chinese Government Scholarship Accepting Institutions for International Students in China, National College Student Cultural Quality Education Base, Yangtze River Delta University Cooperation Alliance, BRICS University Alliance , the founding member of the Asia-Pacific University Academies Alliance, and the China-Japan Humanities Exchange University Alliance, a university approved by the State Council to establish a graduate school, and an independent audit unit for degree authorization. East China Normal University was established on October 16, 1951, based on Daxia University (1924) and Guanghua University (1925), and transferred to St. John's University, Fudan University, Tongji University and Zhejiang University. The department was founded on the original site of Daxia University. In 1972, it merged with Shanghai Normal University, Shanghai Institute of Physical Education and other institutions, and changed its name to Shanghai Normal University. In 1980, the school name of East China Normal University was restored. From 1997 to 1998, Shanghai Early Childhood Teachers College, Shanghai Institute of Education and Shanghai Second Institute of Education were successively merged. As of September 2022, the school has two campuses in Minhang and Putuo, covering a total area of about 207 hectares, with a total collection of more than 4.9529 million volumes of literature; there are 33 colleges (departments) offering 85 undergraduate majors; The school has 15,914 full-time undergraduates; 3,952 doctoral students and 17,719 master's students; 4,418 faculty members; 33 first-level disciplines authorized for doctoral degrees and 37 first-level disciplines authorized for master's degrees
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