Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

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    Guangzhou, Guangdong

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  • Extent:

    1,205 acres

Why choose Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine ?
Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, located in Guangzhou, is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Education, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Guangdong Provincial People's Government. It is a national "double first-class" construction university, a high-level university construction unit in Guangdong Province, and "211 Project" in Guangdong Province. Construction of universities, the Ministry of Education's first batch of "Excellent Doctors (TCM) Education and Training Program" reform pilot universities and "Traditional Chinese Medicine Top-notch Innovative Talent Model Reform Pilot Project" universities, the first batch of doctoral and master's degree conferring units in the country, and universities with postgraduate recommendation exemption qualifications , Selected into the national construction of high-level university public postgraduate projects, the national "characteristic key discipline project", the clinical pharmacology research base of the Ministry of Health, the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine practitioner training base, the national college student cultural quality education base, the Chinese government scholarship international students receiving institutions, the national Deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform demonstration universities, is one of the two Chinese medicine universities with national key disciplines of first-level disciplines. The foundation of the school is the Guangdong Specialized School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which was founded in 1924. In 1956, it was approved by the State Council to establish Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was one of the first four higher Chinese medicine colleges in New China. In 1995, it was renamed to its current name with the approval of the State Education Commission. ; Originally under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in 2000 it was transferred to the joint construction of the central and local governments, mainly managed by Guangdong Province. As of April 2023, the school has two campuses, University Town and Sanyuanli, covering a total area of 1,205 acres; it has 15 secondary colleges, 18 independent scientific research institutions, 3 directly affiliated hospitals, and 24 undergraduate programs There are 13,530 faculty members and 19,427 full-time students, including 12,240 undergraduates, 5,991 postgraduates, 842 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students, and 354 foreign students.
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