Harbin University of Commerce

Harbin University of Commerce

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    Harbin, Heilongjiang

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    1,131,700 square meters

Why choose Harbin University of Commerce ?
Founded in 1952, Harbin University of Commerce is the first Chinese commercial university which offers teachings in multi-disciplines and it is one of the ten key universities in Heilongjiang Province. It was awarded with the Excellent rating in the Undergraduate Education Evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2006. There are 25,229 full time students, among whom 1,641 are post-graduates and 93 are foreign students. The university has 1518 teaching faculties, among whom are 193 professors, 542 associate professors, 749 Master degree holders and 312 doctorate degree holders. There are 383 graduate student supervisors and 39 doctoral supervisors. HUC consists of 22 colleges and 2 research institutes. The university offers 58 undergraduate degrees, including economics, management, industry, law, liberal arts, science, medicine and art. The university now has 3 doctoral programs of first-level disciplines, 16 doctoral programs of second-level disciplines, 11 Master programs of first-level disciplines, 57 programs of second-level disciplines, and 9 programs for professional master’s degrees. In addition, the university has 1 post-doctoral mobile research station (Pharmaceutical Research Institute), 2 post-doctoral scientific research stations (Institute of Pharmacology and Northeast Asian Service Outsourcing Research Center), 6 national-level specialty professional centers (namely Machine Design, Manufacture & Automation, Accounting, Commodity Science, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Food Science & Engineering, and Economics), 1 Natural Antitumor Drug Engineering Research Center certified by the Ministry of Education, and 1 state-level experimental key teachers training center (Comprehensive Practice Center for Economic Management). For the last 5 years, the university has undertaken 812 projects directly sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Philosophical and Social Science Foundation,the National Science and Technology Supporting Plan and the Education Ministry. It has also conducted 179 cooperative programs under the same auspices. HUC has applied for 351 patents of inventions, with 95 of them already approved and authorized. 163 scientific research results have been awarded by the province and ministry level and 1863 dissertations have been collected in SCI, EI and ISTP. The HUC also publishes <> which is one of the national core journals. The university places great emphasis on international exchange and cooperation. It has established education cooperation and academic exchange relationship with 46 universities of 24 countries and regions. Students and trainees from 52 countries in Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean region and the Commonwealth of the Independent States have studied in our university.
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