Capital University of Economics and Business

Capital University of Economics and Business

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  • Location:

    Beijing, Beijing

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    294352 square meters

Why choose Capital University of Economics and Business ?
The Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing,China(CUEB) was established in 1956 with the permission of the Ministry of National Education.It originated from the combination between Beijing Economics Institute and Beijing Finance & Trade Institute in June,1995. It has been built into a key university of Beijing Municipality. Up to now it has lasted for 50 years.As a modern comprehensive financial university,it has prominent superiority with more complete majors of economics and management,and it works well in harmony with more majors,such as law,art,science,engineering and so on. The campus is 480,000 square meters in size with buildings accounting for 306,000 sqare meters. And the main library collects more than one million of books with over 2,000 kinds of magazines or periodicals both in Chinese and in foreign languages.
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