Changchun University of Chinese Medicine

Changchun University of Chinese Medicine

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    Changchun, JiLin

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    571000 square meters

Why choose Changchun University of Chinese Medicine ?
Established in 1958 originally as the name of Changchun College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM),Changchun University of Chinese Medicine is one of the key universities under the direct jurisdiction of Jilin province. Located in Jingyue Economic Development district, the total area of the university is 820 acres including construction area of 280,000 square meters. the campusThe university currently has 1651 faculty and staff, 443 senior technical titles including 138 professors and 305 associate professors, 6 tenured professors, 20 Ph.D advisors, 135 master’s degree advisors, 2 excellent teachers at national level, 33 professors honored with special subsidy by the State Council, 16 young and middle-aged experts have done important contributions for Jilin province and the country, ,6 senior experts and excellent professionals, 1 New-century Chief-professor and 1 Chief-speaker professor. Apart from traditional Chinese medicine, the university has developed other specialties on medical treatment, management, science, and art as well. Presently, Changchun University of Chinese Medicine has 6,989 students, including 128 international students with 12 majors for undergraduates, 22 granting authorities for master’s degree, 3 granting authorities for doctoral degrees. The university has a national-level standardized Chinese medicine laboratory, one modern Chinese medicine research center at provincial level, 8 key province and ministry level academic programs, 4 key laboratories at provincial level. Since the “tenth-five” plan, the university undertakes 26 national science projects, 367 provincial scientific projects, 35 scientific improvement awards, 2 scientific first-awards at provincial and ministry level. The teaching instruments values RMB 8,162 million, the library has a collection of 1,100,000 volumes among which some reputed high academic evaluation, publishing academic journals of Changchun University of the campus Chinese Medicine, Jilin Chinese Medicine, people’s healthy and happiness of senior citizens. The university began enrolling international students approved by the Ministry of Education in 1992.For the past few years, the university has established friendly ties with more than 20 countries and research institutes, held international Chinese medicine conferences. With the step of the eleventh-five plan and insistence on development of Chinese medical science, Changchun University of Chinese Medicine is welcoming the friends all over the world for study, cooperation, exchange and visit as well. The door is open for you!
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