Shantou University

Shantou University

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  • Location:

    Shantou, Guangdong

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    2715000 square meters

Why choose Shantou University ?
Shantou University (STU), founded in 1981 with the approval of the State Council, is a key comprehensive university under the "211 Project" in Guangdong Province. It is located in the northwestern area of Shantou, a seaside city, with its campus covering a total area of 2,087.40 mu and a total floor space comprising 445,400 sq.m. STU now has one National Key Discipline, 2 post-doctoral programs, 1 first-level Ph.D. degree program,25 second-level Ph.D. degree programs, 10 first-level master’s degree programs, 84 second-level master’s degree programs, 6 professional Master's Degree programs,1 Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, 3 provincial key laboratories, 2 key laboratories of Guangdong Educational Department, 2 Ministry of Education Pilot Sites for Innovative Talent, 6 Ministry of Education First-rate Specialties, and 4 Guangdong Provincial Key Programs. The seven-year program Clinical Medicine is also offered. Shantou University is committed to the student-centered reform in terms of university administration and talent training, in order to cultivate talents with the motto, “Aspiration, Knowledge, Perseverance, Achievement”. It is also planning to relocate Medical College into the main campus and develop a globally advanced curriculum focusing on life science. Since 2002, the University has conducted a profound internationalization-oriented reform. Through a series of visionary pedagogical reforms, it aims to offer a platform for the exploration of higher educational reform in China. Comrade Li Lanqing, the former member of the Standing Committee of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council, highly praised the University as “the pilot site for higher educational reform in China”. With the unwavering efforts over the past three decades, Shantou University has managed to meet the expectations of the Central, Provincial and Municipal authorities and Mr. Li Ka Shing. It has created a congenial environment for training talents to meet the social demands in the 21st Century, and laid a solid foundation for sustainable development. STU will strive hard to become a modern institution of higher education with favorable institutional system and high-quality education, and a leading university in China with the ability to enter the global spotlight. The students from the entire world are welcome to study in Shantou University.
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