Shandong University of Finance and Economics

Shandong University of Finance and Economics

School profile
  • Location:

    Jinan, Shandong

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    more than 3,000 acres,three campus

Why choose Shandong University of Finance and Economics ?
handong University of Finance and Economics is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and Shandong Province, located in Jinan, a national historical and cultural city that enjoys the reputation of Quancheng, is a financial university with a long history, a large scale and distinctive characteristics, focusing on economics and management, and eight disciplines of literature, law, science, engineering, education and art, and has a high reputation and popularity at home and abroad. The school is a member of the "BRICS Think Tank Cooperation Chinese Council", a partner institution of the China Scholarship Council's "Study Abroad Program for Young Backbone Teachers of Higher Education Institutions", the organizer of the Beijing Humboldt Forum-Qilu Forum, the project evaluation cooperation unit of the China Scholarship Council, one of the founding member universities of the Sino-Russian Economic University Alliance (ASREU), one of the 12 universities in mainland China of the Asia-Pacific Federation of Management Schools (AAPBS), and one of the universities of the "Belt and Road" Alliance of Financial and Economic Universities. At present, there are 3 Sino-foreign cooperative education projects, and more than 40 overseas study programs have been cooperated with universities outside the United States, such as the University of Minnesota, Fordham University, the University of Rombia, the University of Essex, the University of Rennes I in France, the University of Dalhousie in Canada, the Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand, the Prague University of Economics in the Czech Republic, Tokyo University of Economics in Japan, Ming Chuan University in Taiwan, Shih Hsin University and other foreign universities. Graduate double degree education. At the same time, the school is also a university recognized by Taiwan's education authorities, and has the qualification to recruit undergraduate students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Passed the quality certification of colleges and universities to study in China, and established the European and American Alumni Association. It has established comprehensive strategic cooperative relations with Shandong University, University of International Business and Economics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Shandong Academy of Social Sciences and many other units
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