University of Shanghai for Science

University of Shanghai for Science

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    Shanghai, Shanghai

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    1,482,667 square meters

Why choose University of Shanghai for Science ?
Emerging from the University of Shanghai founded in 1906 and the German Medical and Engineering School set up in 1907, USST has enjoyed a renowned reputation as the “Whampoa Military Academy in Manufacturing Industry”. Carrying on its motto of “Integrity, Righteousness, Diligence, Love, Pondering, Learning, Aspiration, Ambition”, the school aims to cultivate students with knowledge, ambitions, as well as socialist core values. The university has provided the country with more than 100 thousand professionals in many different fields. As one of the pioneering universities in Chinese-Foreign cooperation in managing schools, USST started a class for master’s education in systems engineering in collaboration with the Sloan School of Business of Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the 1980s. That class trained leading talent in the Chinese manufacturing industry. As a result, the school became known as the “Whampoa Military Academy in Manufacturing Industry”.Up to the present date, USST has established cooperative relationships with 163 universities in 31 countries and regions, and has set up two Chinese-Foreign cooperative institutions, namely, the Sino-British College and the Shanghai-Hamburg College.
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