University of the Chinese Academy of Science

University of the Chinese Academy of Science

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    Beijing, Beijing

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    3348075 square meters

Why choose University of the Chinese Academy of Science ?
Brief Introduction: UCAS is a higher education institution established with the approval of the Ministry of Education, focusing on graduate education. The predecessor of UCAS was the Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GSCAS), which was founded in 1978 as the first graduate school in China by approval of the State Council. UCAS graduated the first doctoral student in science, first doctoral student in engineering, first female doctoral student and first student with double doctoral degrees in China. In 2014, UCAS began to recruit undergraduates. Based on the high-level research advantages and high-level human resources of CAS, UCAS has four campuses in Beijing and five education centers outside Beijing. Backed by 115 CAS institutes throughout China, it implements the guiding principle of “unified enrollment, education management and degree conferment; faculty-institute’s fusion on leadership, faculty, management and cultivating system”. It has expanded and improved the “two-phase” cultivation mode in which core course teaching is centralized in Beijing campuses, and scientific research were primarily done at the various institutes. This sound education system has enabled UCAS to be the platform as training students and the CAS institutes as the bases of students practicing. At present, there are more than 42 800 graduate students studying at UCAS, among whom 50% are doctoral students. UCAS has conferred master’s and doctoral degrees on 119 564 graduate students to date.
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