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Chengdu Sport University

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    Chengdu, Sichuan

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    480000 square meters

Why choose Chengdu Sport University ?
Founded in 1942, Chengdu Sport University (CDSU) is the sports college with the longest history in China. CDSU is located in the city proper of Chengdu, Sichuan, adjacent to the Wuhou Temple, a world-famous historical attraction, covering a total area of 480,000 square meters, with a beautiful environment and picturesque scenery. After nearly 80 years of development, CDSU has now become a nationally renowned and distinctive sports college. At present, CDSU is taking the opportunity of the construction of a national central city in Chengdu to contribute to the building of a famous international competition city, a regional sports industry hub, and a world-class sports rehabilitation center, and is going all out to promote the construction of a new campus. In the near future, a modern, beautiful, open and intelligent new campus that covers an area of more than 1,500 mu (100 hectares) and integrates physical education, sports industry and sports social services will take shape on the bank of Sancha Lake, the "Pearl of Tianfu". In recent years, with the goal of building a world-class sports university, CDSU has been focusing on the school-running orientation of "building a world-class characteristic sports university with multi-disciplinary integration and applied research". CDSU features a sport-oriented school-running system with sport-medicine combination and sport-literature integration, and a discipline pattern with "physical education as the mainstay, sports medicine as the focus, and multi-disciplinary coordinated development as the supplement". CDSU is a doctoral degree authorization unit, and has been approved as a national post-doctoral research center, a post-doctoral scientific research station, and a post-doctoral innovation practice base in Sichuan. CDSU has a first-level discipline authorized to grant doctoral degrees (physical education), 4 first-level disciplines authorized to grant master's degrees (physical education, clinical medicine, integrated Chinese and western medicine, journalism and communication), 14 second-level disciplines authorized to grant master's degrees, and 7 disciplines authorized to offer professional master's degrees (physical education, journalism and communication, traditional Chinese medicine, art, tourist management, translation, cultural heritage and museology). CDSU's physical education ranks in the forefront of China, firmly occupying the commanding heights of physical education disciplines in western China. CDSU's physical education and sports medicine are approved to be included in the "First-Class Disciplines in Sichuan Province". CDSU now has 22 undergraduate majors, spanning 7 disciplines including education, medicine, literature, management, economics, art, and history. Among them, physical education, sports training, Wushu and ethnic traditional sports, guidance and management of social sports, journalism, human movement science, sports rehabilitation and tourist management are approved as national first-class undergraduate majors. CDSU has always prioritized talent training. CDSU currently has more than 11,000 students, including more than 9,600 undergraduates and more than 1,500 postgraduates. Since its establishment, CDSU has cultivated nearly 60,000 students and made positive contributions to regional sports and education. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the employment rate of our graduates was higher than the provincial average. Since 2012, CDSU has won 168 gold medals, 127 silver medals, and 135 bronze medals in major international and domestic competitions. At the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, CDSU students grabbed 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, 1 bronze medal, and one 4th place. Under the strategy of building a powerhouse of talent, CDSU has cultivated a large number of outstanding teachers, such as the former chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association, well-known sports history experts, and the former convener of the Physical Education Discipline Appraisal Group of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council. CDSU currently has more than 1,300 faculty members, including more than 600 full-time teachers and more than 300 teachers with high-grade professional titles. CDSU has a total of 84 faculty members who enjoy the special government allowance, have been selected into the "Tianfu Qingcheng Plan", Sichuan Province's team of academic and technical leaders and reserve talents, the "New Century Outstanding Talents Project" of the Ministry of Education, the first talents for the "One Hundred Talents Plan for Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Professional and Technical Talents" of the General Administration of Sport of China, the team of academic and technical leaders and reserve talents of Sichuan Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or the team of academic and technical leaders of the Health Commission of Sichuan Province, or have been rated as "Excellent Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Sichuan Province", "Tianfu Scholar" Specially-invited Experts of Sichuan Province, the Young/Middle-aged Academic Backbone of the General Administration of Sport of China, Famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors of Sichuan Province, or Top Young/Middle-aged Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors of Sichuan Province; it has cultivated 146 international and national levels referees and 64 international-level and sports masters. Focusing on the national strategy and the needs of regional economic development, and relying on the advantages of disciplines and specialties, CDSU has made a number of landmark achievements. Since 2012, 64 projects of CDSU have been funded by the National Social Science Fund of China, including three major ones, and 13 projects have been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. In addition, it owns two national key Research and Development projects and has won 56 provincial and ministerial levels scientific research achievement awards. From 2021 to 2022, CDSU has ranked first in the country in the number of physical education projects funded by the National Social Science Fund of China for two consecutive years. In 2021, CDSU has made a breakthrough in the general programs of humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education, and ranked first in China in the number of physical education programs. CDSU boasts the key laboratory of sports medicine of Sichuan Province, the key laboratory of sports medicine under the General Administration of Sport of China, and the key laboratory of archery under the General Administration of Sport of China. The academic journal "Journal of Chengdu Sport University" edited and published by CDSU is a Chinese core journal, a characteristic science and technology journal of Chinese universities, a CSSCI source journal, and RCCSE China's core academic journal. In 2019, CDSU founded China's first English sports medicine journal "Sports Medicine and Health Science", which was included in Scopus, DOAJ, Embase, CrossRef, CNKI and other databases. CDSU also has the only university museum with the theme of Chinese sports history that integrates collection, display, popular science research and cultural inheritance. Since 2008, CDSU has implemented nearly 100 service projects of the General Administration of Sport of China, and provided scientific and technological research and medical services for 24 teams preparing for the Olympic Games. At the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, with the medical technology support of CDSU, Chinese delegation won 39 medals (17 gold medals including the first gold) in shooting, gymnastics, diving, badminton and other events. CDSU insists on improving the level of school running through opening up, and constantly strengthens and deepens foreign exchanges and cooperation. CDSU is a higher education institution approved by the Ministry of Education to enroll overseas Chinese, students from China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. CDSU has established exchange and cooperation relations with more than 30 universities and research institutions in 20 countries and regions including the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Thailand, China Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and has established the "2+2", "3+1" and "3+1+1" joint training systems for bachelor's and master's degree students with many world-renowned universities.
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