Zhejiang Ocean University

Zhejiang Ocean University

School profile
  • Location:

    Zhoushan, Zhejiang

  • Population:


  • Extent:

    1.739 million sq.m

Why choose Zhejiang Ocean University ?
Founded in 1958, Zhejiang Ocean University (ZJOU) is situated in the urban area of Zhoushan Archipelago New Area which is the first state-level new area featuring marine economy. For about sixty years, Following the principle of “Embracing Diversity and Pursuing Excellence”, with the characteristics of ocean science, ZJOU has become a province-affiliated institution of higher learning with the qualification of Master Degree and CSC students admission. It covers an area of 1.739 million sq.m(sea use area of 0.48 sq.m), including a floorage of more than 0.482 million sq.m, and it boasts a collection of 430 million RMB yuan of teaching and research equipment. There are 11228 full-time students and 1127 full-time faculty and staff members, among which there are 781 faculty members,417 professors and associated professors, and 392 people with Ph.D. degrees. There are 10 schools, 3 research institutions (Marine Fisheries Res. Inst. of Zhejiang Province, Innovation &Application Res. Inst., and ECS Development Res. Inst.). In addition, there is one independent college -Donghai Science and Technology. There are 48 specialties for Bachelor students, among which the Maritime Fishery Science and Technology and the Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering are national characteristic specialty. There are 2 first-class provincial subjects (Marine Science and Fishery), there are 7 second-class provincial subjects (Food Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering, Chinese History, Mathematics, Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. In addition, there are 3 first-class subjects for Master Degree (Marine Science and Technology, Fishery, Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering).
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