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Yemeni boy Got Scholarship with Monthly Allowance in BBA
Date:2023/7/11 上午12:00:00

Abdul is a Yemeni boy. He is very excellent and have good academic performance. Panda Admission have met his father through Facebook. We were very glad to know each other and he is very eager to let his son have a further study in China. He hoped that his son would be successful in his studies. As we all know that China is a big economic country, his son is very interested in business administration and wants to start his own company in the future. So China is best for him. 

After knowing Panda Admission advisor on Facebook, he was impressed by our professionalism and friendly service attitude. We had an efficient discussion to choose the universities, and start the application within 7 days. They showed highly trust Panda Admission, with our guidance, he prepared the documents well and attended the interview. With our communication with the university's dean, finally he won a scholarship with a stipend. What a success case to celebrate!2023071212010721.jpg