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Tanzanian Pharmacy Student won Full Scholarship
Date:2023/10/11 下午8:28:01

Derick is a fresh Form 6 graduate student from Tanzania in 2023. Before graduation, he had already started consulting Panda Admission about studying in China. Derick’s father works for the local government agency TMDA (Tanzania Medicines and Medical Devices Authority) in Tanzania. Influenced by his father, Derick has been very interested in pharmacy since he was a child. The pharmacy major is also one of the most popular majors chosen by Tanzanians when they come to China to study. Derick's grades were at the average level and he could only get a partial scholarship originally. However, after recommendation and communication between the Panda Admission team and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Derick finally got the scholarship opportunity to waive 100% of tuition fees, and he came in October 2023, and successfully arrived in China. The Derick family used the After landing Service Package provided by Panda Admission and arrived in China smoothly and safely.

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