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Excellent English teacher-in future from Morocco
Date:2023/7/12 下午1:21:36

Moroccan student Fadwa is a teacher who has 3 years of English teaching experience. After graduating from an undergraduate English major, she devoted herself to teaching English to children. Because her cousin was studying in China, she also had the idea of coming to China for postgraduate study. And she heard that China is in great need of foreign English teachers, so she is hoping that after graduating from a Chinese university, she could stay in China and continue to teach English. After getting to know Panda Admission’s advisor on Facebook, Fadwa was impressed by Panda Admission’s professionalism and patient answers. Despite the time difference between China and Morocco, Fadwa’s questions can be answered in time no matter it is 12:00 am or 7:00 am. So Fadwa firmly chose to apply for admission through Panda Admission. After a month of hard work by Admission officers, Fadwa finally got her dream admission to Southwest University! So happy for her!