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Egyptian boy win Scholarship without Officially Graduation!
Date:2023/7/26 下午5:33:02

Osama, an Egyptian boy, is a smart senior high school graduate whose father works as an engineer in Shandong, China. Osama's father met Panda Admission's Advisor Caroline through a friend's introduction. At the time of consultation, Osama had not yet received the school's final graduation transcript, but due to the close and effective communication between the Panda Admission team and the university, Panda Admission still successfully arranged a school interview and a written test for him. In the end, Osama lived up to expectations and successfully won a full scholarship for undergraduate software engineering from China University of Petroleum (211 University). The scholarship waives 100% tuition and accommodation fees. Here is a reminder to everyone: Even if you do not get your final grades and transcripts, you can still get a scholarship offer through the Panda Admission application!