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Double Harvest of Love and Admission!
Date:2023/7/26 上午12:00:00

Concy and Greg, a couple from Zimbabwe, are a pair of outstanding young people. They both have a bachelor degree and have a good job, but in order to further improve and develop, they hope to apply for a master scholarship again. Because Concy's undergraduate study was in China, they chose to apply to China. But they started to prepare very late. It was already June, and most Chinese universities had already closed the application period. And as couples, they naturally want to study in the same city, which undoubtedly makes the application more difficult. Through a friend's introduction, they started to apply through Panda Admission. After more than a month of constant communication, Panda Admission applied to more than 8 universities for them, and finally in July they both got admissions for scholarships in Hangzhou. Concy got the admission of tuition and accommodation fee waiver, and Greg got the admission of full tuition waiver! Let us congratulate this pair of outstanding youths on their double harvest of love and admission!