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Colombian Boy Got Admission in Ideal University
Date:2023/11/30 下午1:14:03

In fact, learning Chinese just like learning other languages is hard work. So you'd better spend lots of time practicing it everyday. You can spend ten minutes reading Chinese aloud in the morning. If you think it's boring to study by yourself in a non-Chinese environment, why not choose to come China ? 

There is a student from Colombia, who is finishing  his bachelor degree in February , plan to study Chinese language in China after graduation. He contacted PANDA ADMISSION through our official account in September 2023. After knowing his requirements for Chinese language, we helped him choose a suitable university in Guangzhou and guided him prepare all the documents very perfect.

Finally, guess what, he received his admission notice in November 2023. From submitting the application to get original admission notice , just it just spent 1 month. What a brilliant case ! Now he is going to realize the dream of studying in China. 2023113014111346.png