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Chadian Boy Got the MBBS Admission With Scholarship in 10 Days
Date:2023/7/26 上午11:03:16

   The student is from Chad, and he is very optimistic boy. He have a strong desire to study in China and he is very active on the social media. He know Panda Admission through our website on Google , and contacted us directly. Then he met his advisor Anna who is responsible for his application. Knowing that he is very interested in MBBS, Panda Admission help him chose the suitable university and help him arranged the interview. We both try to do the best we can. Finally we help him get admission successfully in 10 Days!! And he also get the scholarship opportunity in Fujian Medical University to waive the 50-100% tuition fee.

   What's more, as a student from Chad, he realized that it is necessary to improve his English, so he chose to study IELTS in Malaysia, and study very hard. What a brilliant student he is. Due to his recognization and trust to Panda Admission, he also recommended his friends to study medicine in China. 

   What a brillant case!