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Brazil Student Get the Admission For Chinese Language Course
Date:2023/6/25 上午12:00:00

This student is from Brazil, her name is Elisangela, who is very interested in Chinese language and has a big enthusiasm to Chinese culture and customs. She met Panda Admission through Facebook. After a brief conversation with her, we know that she has studied Chinese by herself for a long time through online class, and she knew many Chinese friends through the social media. Shanghia is her dream city, because it is the economic center and the cosmopolitan city all over the world. She has a high trust and recognition to Panda Admission, so we worked out the application plan for her in one week, then she made payment and started the application immediately. Her son is also interested in Chinese language, so we helped her son apply for a mandarin school in Shanghai.  What a good plan for her and her son to study Chinese language together. Finally, we succeffully help her get admission from Shanghai Dianji University. What an excitied case!!!