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Bangladeshi girls get bachelor scholarships with stipends
Date:2023/7/6 上午12:00:00

   MARJ is a girl from Bangladesh, applying for bachelor degree.She was introduced to me by another student of Panda Admission (also applied for a master's degree in China). When we first met, I think this girl was very friendly and outgoing.

  She studies liberal arts-related courses, and is very eager to come to China and get a scholarship.But in fact, in China, there are very few undergraduate courses with stipends. We told  her about this fact at the beginning, and she accepted it. She applied very actively and quickly completed the application procedure , submitted materials efficienly, and filled out the application form very soon .After the interview of the university, University felt that her conditions and situation were excellent, and her interview performance was also very good, After repeated communication between panda admission and the university, it helped her get a bachelor scholarship with stipends! She was also very happy when she got it!