Shanghai University of Sport

Shanghai University of Sport

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    Shanghai, Shanghai

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    733,333 square meters

Why choose Shanghai University of Sport ?
Shanghai University of Sport(SUS), founded in 1952, is one of the first sport universities established afterthe founding of People’s Republic of Chinaand began in 2001 to be jointly administered by the General Administration ofSport of China and Shanghai Municipal Government. SUS has been selected in 2017on the first list of universities to enter the “Double First-Class Initiative”, which aims to ultimately build a number of world class universities and disciplines in China by the end of 2050. Upholding its motto of “Unification of Mind and Body, Integration and Competition”, SUS has been carrying out the philosophy of “lifelong development of teachers and students” and dedicated to talent cultivation, knowledge renovation as well as the promotion and advancement of sports movement,physical fitness and sports culture. Currently, SUS has more than 450full time teachers and over 6000 students on campus, an area of 400 thousands quare meters and 350 thousand square meters of floor area. As one of the earliest sport universities authorized to confer doctoral degrees (1986), SUS has five doctoral programs, one under the first level discipline of Physical Educationand Sport, and four under the second level disciplines of Sports Humanities and Sociology, Kinesiology, Traditional Sports Science and Physical Education and Coaching. Besides, SUS has another three self-initiateddoctoral programs under the second level disciplines in Sports Management,Sports Engineering and Sports Rehabilitation). SUS also confers academic master degrees in Physical Education, Psychology, Medical Technology, and Journalism & Communications , and as well as four professional master degrees in Sports, Public Administration , Arts, and News & Communications. SUS has attracted worldwide distinguished scholars, coaches and referees for teaching, research andcoaching, including academicians from American National Academy of Kinesiology,Yangtze Scholars, Shanghai Oriental Scholars, as well as senior officers,coaches, instructors and lecturers from international sports organizations,national sports teams, and international coach training. SUS has also cultivatedmany well-known coaches including: Shi Zhihao, Sun Haiping, Chen Zhonghe, WangYuefang, Sun Lian, Shen Fulin, Ma Liangxing, and so on. In recent years, SUS has obtained three awards for National Science and Technology Progress, and set up13 provincial level key Laboratories. In 2017, SUS initiated the constructionof the Doping Control Laboratory jointly administered by the General Administration of Sport of China and Shanghai Municipal Government. Over the years, SUS has yielded unique achievements, including China Table Tennis College--the only institutionof higher learning oriented in table tennis; the National Sports Technology Park--the only sports technology park in universities; China Martial Arts Museum--the first of its kind with all-round exhibition of Martial Arts historyand culture; Journal of Sport and Health Science--the only English Journal inSports Science in Mainland China enlisted both by SCI and SSCI databases; ITTF Museum and China Table Tennis Museum--projects first introduced from internationalsports organizations; and Run Rui School, the experimental model of sportstalent cultivation. SUS has initiated and deepenedcollaborations with renowned international institutions and organizations,including the collaborations with International Handball Federation and InternationalAssociations of Athletics Federations, as well as the Chinese Associationsincluding Basketball, Marathon, Athletic and Triathlon. SUS enjoys independent recruitment of overseas students with the Chinese Government Scholarship and has established active and sound cooperation with more than 70 universities from 25 countries and regions in the world. And so far more than 1000 international students have graduated from SUS, coming mainly from the United States of America, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea and other countries and districts. SUS has set up the ITTF European Branch in Luxembourg and established the joint master degree program in Physical Education with Macao Polytechnic Institute.
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